Monday, September 29, 2008

Heuston Station - Croppies Acre!

Left Heuston Station and wandered for a while until we came to Croppies Memorial Park - or Croppies Acre as I've found out it's known as. "A Memorial to the Croppy Boys of the 1798 rebellion. It is traditionally believed that the men of '98 were buried here after execution." Interesting!

Was very unfocused, so it took ages and a lot of fooling around before I settled myself and drew something properly. Then, later in the pub as I touched it up a bit I think I over-did it and made it too dark. I still like it - but I think James might have taken another photo of the original sketch, which I'm looking forward to seeing. It's all about knowing when to stop!!


SarahOR said...

like the tonal qualities of the last sketch :), do you know anywhere that repairs compact cameras or is it worth my while?

Tracy said...

thanks :)

Nope - it's not usually worth your while unfortunately. Although, if you like you could bring it into a camera shop just to get their opinion. They can send it away for a quote for repairs, then you decide whether or not it's worth it! I know that when I worked in Spectra we used to do it - not sure if they still do. Worth a shot maybe!