Monday, October 20, 2008

Kilkenny Sketching Weekend 17th - 19th Oct

Did a few more than just these but must photo them and stick them up! I think Sarah may even have one or two of mine, but not too sure!! Great weekend all-round :)


orla said...

love the detail in the castle drawing and the swirly drawings are beautiful!any more?

Gearoid said...

Well done,Tracy. Very different offerings and both styles amazing. I'm intrigued by your shading technique on the castle - must try this myself sometime. Also the unfinished state of the castle adds to its air of mystery in my opinion. The decorative stuff is really nice too - a touch of the celtic about it I think. Really regret missing out on the Kilkenny trip.

Tracy said...

Orla: Yes there are more but I don't know where they are!! Think they're lost :(

Gearoid: Thanks for your comment :) I think the castle will be staying unfinished, might start afresh instead!