Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday 1st - National Gallery

Jan Steen's 'The Village School'(The Original)
Fisher Boy - Franz Hals


galvinator said...

The shapes yoou chose for the characters in the Steen piece are fantastic. I've never seen anyone take your approach before, really unique.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks Tom! I'm enjoying it, find it more relaxing than sketching normally and prefer the results. Will see ;)

Fran Johnston said...

Hey Tracy.Thanks for visiting my blog.Much appreciated.Trying to blog as much as possible at the moment.I won't be out to the botanic gardens as I have some friends coming over tomorrow but I intend to join you guys regularly.It was great last week and again thanks for having us.Also would you be able to add me as a member on the sketchers blog if possible.cheers.